• This house in Donegal was fitted with the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System including 14 HD radiator actuators, domestic hot water controls and GSM controls for remote access to the multi-zone system. “I was the first installation in Ireland of the Radeco System and I’m more than delighted to recommend this product. It was installed October 2011 and since then the system has changed the efficiency of my heating with average savings of 42%. The boost function is superb and my wife uses the holiday mode when she leaves the house. I would highly recommended the Radeco Multi-Zone System to anyone wishing to save money on their heating and to gain comfort in their home.”

    Cathal McGee – Residence, Co. Donegal Radeco Client
  • We have had no problems since it has been in use and the special way of regulation provides warmth and comfort which is extremely pleasing? The icing on the cake is that the handling of the system is very uncomplicated. We only have to set the wanted temperature and the necessary time for it to reduce at night or at the weekend. The menu is user friendly, we don’t need any handbook because the handling is as easy as winking. Our home needs less energy than a small detached house, we only needed 380 litres of oil from May to September 2007 for hot water and heating, although it was cold. - 650 m2, 3 floor, 17 room residence. Converted from a barn built in 1873 to a modern, state of the art home with the THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control Systems controlling and regulating the heating.

    Barn conversion, Vexin, France Radeco Client
  • The Radeco Heating Controls has allowed me to accurately control the heating system within the Nursing Home. Each room can be heated to suit the requirements of my residents, and I can adjust the settings for each zone from the laptop. The Radeco Wireless Heating Controls have reduced the heating bills in the Nursing Home by a minimum of 35% compared to the heating bills from the previous year. The installation was fast, clean and no disruption was caused to the running of the home during the installation. As a result I have also installed the Radeco system in my own home and I would highly recommend this system to anybody who wishes to reduce their annual fuel bills.

    Gordon Glynn – Kiltormer Nursing Home, Co. Galway Radeco Client
  • We are an average family of two adults and two children living in a 4 bedroomed house with converted attic. We were concerned about our ever-increasing heating costs and after some research we decided to have the Radeco Home System installed. We now have 20 zones including a separate zone for the hot water. Installation was completed in a day, clean and professional with no mess. We have the system in 4 winter months now, we have great comfort and we are saving 40% on our heating bill. With the Radeco Phone App, it’s so easy to control the heating. I would highly recommend the Radeco system. Download a graph showing Brendan’s savings by using the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System

    B. Corcoran, Residence, Co. Kildare Radeco Client
  • A 2,500 sq. foot villa built in 1870 and converted to a Guesthouse in 2005. The proprietor of this Guesthouse wanted to keep the original cast iron radiators but the existing heating system controls were unreliable and the house was either too hot or too cold. The THZ system allowed her to keep the original radiators but provided her with total control over her heating system. Because the Guesthouse has been split in to 3 separate suites over 3 floors this allowed the owner to control each suite independently of each other giving her total control and providing controlled heat to the whole building.

    THZ – Guesthouse, Montmorency, France Radeco Client
  • We installed the Radeco Multi Zone heating control system in our home. Installation was quick,clean and efficient. The system is very is easy to use with control over each zone when and where we need it in the home. Since the introduction of the system we have saved 37% on our oil heating bills. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who wishes to have complete control and comfort over their heating. The boost function is a superb feature and we have found that having the hot water as a separate heating zone to be a real benefit.

    Radeco Home saves 37% on heating bills Radeco Client
  • This house in Wexford was fitted with the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System including 9 HD radiator actuators, domestic hot water controls and GSM controls for remote access to the multi-zone system. "I installed the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System in my home in November 2011 and it has saved me up to 40% off my home heating bills. Quick installation, easy to use and amazingly quick payback."

    Eddie Mernagh – Residence, Co. Wexford Radeco Client
  • The THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System was fitted to this nursing home in 2009. This nursing home has an occupancy of 60 people between the ages of 75 and 80. The system was installed and a saving of 30% was made on the home’s heating bills (gas) in the first year. This figure has been verified by GDF (Gaz de France – French national energy provider) who had actually advised the nuns that run the nursing home to install the THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System. The payback on this system was less than 2 years.

    THZ – Nursing Home, Saumur, France Radeco Client

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