Building description

A busy B&B location in Doolin County Clare which utilizes the Radeco Multi-Zone heating controls to reduce fuel consumption and save money on energy bills.

  • 12 Radiators
  • Hot Water Control
  • 13 Zones
  • 1 Boiler

Job description

  • Replacement of all existing valve bodies
  • Installation of Radeco wireless radiator actuators (Thermostatically controlled wireless motorised actuators on each radiator)
  • Installation of Radeco Software and Central Control Unit
  • Commissioning and training of proprietors on how to operate the system

Further information

  • Duration of installation: 1 day
  • The Radeco System allows management to control the space heating and hot water requirements in accordance with the occupancy pattern of the building. This is a busy B&B operating all year round catering for visitors from all over the world, the challenge of delivering 24 hour comfort and hot water for guests was made simple by installing the Radeco System.
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