Building description

3 blocks of single bedroom Dublin City Council apartments. Block 1 fitted with Radeco Commercial system, blocks 2 & 3 fitted with Radeco Home system. All blocks heated by gas boilers with district heating. The systems allow each resident to have specific temperatures to suit their individual needs and use patterns.

  • 72 radiators
  • 96 zones
  • 3 Blocks
  • 24 Apartments
  • 24 Hot Water Cylinders

Job description

  • Replacement of all valve bodies
  • Installation of Radeco wireless radiator actuators
  • Installation of wireless zone thermostats in Block 1
  • Installation of central control Units with remote access
  • Wiring and installation of transceivers
  • Control of hot water cylinders
  • Completed as part of the SEAI Better Energy Communities Scheme 2014

Further information

  • Duration of installation: 1 week
  • Complete remote access of each block via PC or phone app
  • 96 individual heating zones
  • Possibility to change room temperatures via room thermostats in certain zones
Sandyhill Gardens

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