Building description

Radeco Multi-Zoning controls were installed in Farndreg Estate and was done on four 3 bedroom family houses under the auspices of Cluid Housing Association.

  • 1 boiler
  • 7 radiators
  • 8 Zones
  • Hot water control

Job description

  • Replacement of all existing Farndreg valve bodies
  • Installation of Radeco wireless radiator actuators (Thermostatically controlled wireless motorised actuators on each radiator)
  • Installation of Radeco Software and Central Control Unit
  • Commissioning and training of Farndreg residents on how to operate the system

Further information

  • The Radeco System allows the homeowner to control how their home is heated, heat where they want it, when they want it. Rooms need only be heated as required, saving energy without compromising on comfort.
Farndreg Estate

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