Building description

Cuan Mhuire Bruree is a detox facility with 125 beds and associated facilities. Its Utilizing Multi-Zone Heating controls to save money on energy bills.

  • 8 boilers
  • 150 radiators
  • 85 Zones

Job description

  • Replacement of all valve bodies
  • Installation of Radeco wireless radiator actuators
  • Installation of wireless zone thermostats
  • Installation of central control Units with remote access
  • Wiring and installation of transceivers
  • Subsequent control of hot water zones
  • Training of staff members on the use of settings
  • Security covers and locks installed on all components

Further information

  • Duration of installation: 1.5 weeks
  • Complete remote access of entire building via PC or phone app
  • 50 different time clock settings
  • Possibility to change room temperatures via room thermostats in certain zones
  • Plans for expansion and integration of other sections of campus
Cuan Mhuire Bruree

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