Building Description

Camphill Ballytobin is a lifesharing community of about seventy-five people, some of whom have special needs, and who live together with volunteers of all ages and nationalities. The community is made up of a total of ten buildings including six houses. Camphill Ballytobin utilizes district heating which is fueled by biogas from an anaerobic digester, the first of its kind in ireland.

  • 10 Buildings
  • 6 Residential
  • 2 School Buildings
  • 1 Hostel/Bakery
  • 1 Office
  • 67 Radiators
  • 21 Zone Valves
  • 45 Thermostats
  • 12 Immersions

Job Description

  • Design of retrofit control system to suit specific needs of Camphill staff and residents
  • Replacement of all valve bodies
  • Installation of Genius Hubs in each building
  • Installation of Genius Home controls for motorized valves
  • Installation of Genius Home wireless radiator valves and room sensors
  • Control of hot water zones
  • Training of staff members

Heat Genius Information

  • Duration of installation: 2 weeks
  • Complete remote access of each room in each building
  • Remote technical support
  • Data logging of temperatures for each resident
  • Time and temperature settings to suit needs of each resident

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