Building Description

Abbeyleix Manor Hotel is a Laois based hotel which opened in 2000 with 23 rooms and was extended to 43 rooms in 2006

  • 47 Zones
  • 50 Wireless Radiator valves
  • 21 Wired Radiator Actuators

Job Description

  • Design of retrofit control system to suit specific needs of staff and guests
  • Installation THZ wired and wireless radiator actuators
  • Installation of wired and wireless zone thermostats
  • Installation of central control units with remote access
  • Wiring and istallation of transceivers
  • Training of staff members on use of software

Further Information

  • Duration of installation: 4 Days
  • Central control of each individual zone
  • Remote technical support
  • Possibility to change room temperatures via room thermostats in certain zones
  • Hybrid wired and wireless system designed in response to the construction of the building
  • Hotel rooms are only heated when they are being let out
  • The average temperature in the new section reduced from 26°c to 22°c
THZ Radeco

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