Helping You Saving Money and Energy In Your Guest House

The Genius Controls system allows you to reduce energy consumption by only heating each room of your Guest House when it is needed. Using tools like Genius Controls will reduce your energy bills and make your guests more comfortable.

With the Smart Occupancy Detection in rooms, the heating and occupancy can be monitored remotely and rooms can trigger the heating automatically, meaning rooms wont be unnecessarily heated saving you energy and money.

Since comfort of guests is at the heart of each Guest House owner, rooms can be monitored remotely wherever you may need to see if guests are comfortable or if they are present in the room.

Benefits of Installing Genius Controls In Your Guest House

  • Maximize profits by only heating rooms that are in use.
  • On average heating in Guest Houses can account for 59% of energy use, this can be reduced by up to and above 30% on your heating bills with Genius Controls.
  • Pay back can be achieved in as little as two years.
  • Having the ability to maintain and monitor comfortable temperature levels.
  • Total control of your heating from the Genius Controls App.
  • Each zone can have its own time and temperature settings.
  • Energy Saving Credits available.
  • Free Genius Controls survey to Guest Houses.

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