How long will the batteries last for?

Battery life for normal use of each device is explained in the table below.


Battery Quantity & Type
Expected Battery Lifetime
Room Thermostat2 x AAA1 year
Wireless Room Sensor1 x CR1232 years
Wireless Radiator Valve2 x AA1 – 2 years, depending on use


Should this system be fitted by a Plumber or Electrician?

Yes, the system must be fitted by a Genius Home Pro Installer. This ensures the system is fully functional on install and there is also a certain amount of specialist plumbing and wiring involved. All pro installers are SEAI registered which allows our customer to avail of SEAI Heating controls upgrade grants and energy saving credits. To find a installer near you click here.

Do you need computer literacy?

Genius Home is a app based product with Android, IOS and Web apps which work on your phone, tablet or computer.

Initial set up is done by Radeco. Apps are simple and easy to use so a basic knowledge is sufficient. Genius Home pro installers will train you on the day of installation.

How easy is it to fit?

Genius Home is a retrofit product, so there’s no drilling, re-piping or cross bonding required. This makes it clean and easy to install. Installing the system usually takes 1 day depending on the building.

Does the heating system have to be drained first?

As we change valve bodies to ensure proper working orded of each radiator we do need to drain down the heating system. We upgrade all valves bodies to Myson TRV valave bodies.

Does the system need a bypass?

Yes a bypass is required.


Is there an Interlock?

Yes, where a system is installed the boiler is automatically switched off if there’s no demand for heat.

How much does the system cost to the customer?

Please contact Radeco for a quotation by calling 091-758759 or email

What kind of warranty comes with the Radeco Systems?

The systems comes with a two-year parts warranty from the manufacturers.

Is there a Mobile Application that customers can use in order to control the heating system?

Yes, a Genius Home mobile application is available. Click here to download the Android and IOS apps.

Can I Manually operate the system if my internet is down?

Yes, you can always control the heating from the main house thermostat which comes as standard with the system.

Can the system work with a back boiler in a solid fuel stove/fireplace?

No, Genius Home does not work with a back boiler heating system as it cannot control the amount of heat coming from it.

How much saving can I make on my energy bills with Genius Home?

With Genius Home you can save up to and above 30% on your energy bills depending on use.

Can I heat my hot water without heating my whole house?

Yes, hot water just like the rooms in your home can be heated separately as it is treated as a zone to itself, through the app you can schedule heating periods for your hot water.

Can I control electric heating?

Yes, the electric control is just the same as the smart zone control for wet heating. To learn more about electric heating with Genius Home click here

Can the system control multiple heating circuits?

With the Genius Home system you can retain control of multiple heating circuits or multiple boilers, as well as being able to control the individual rooms of your property.

Can I use my own plumber to install the system?

You will need to use a trained Genius Home pro installer. If your plumber would like to become an installer we provide free online training. We ensure all Genius Home installers are registered SEAI plumbers. This ensures you can avail of grants and ensure top quality installations.

How do i change battery’s in the Valves, Room Sensors and House Thermostat?

Find below links to change battery’s in Valves, Room Sensors and House Thermostat.

I can’t login to my app

Things to check if you cannot login.

  • Is the phone/tablet/computer connected to the internet/4G?
  • Is the Genius Hub connected to the broadband router and powered on? To be sure check that the red light is on inside the hub and the green and yellow lights are on at the back of the hub.
  • Check that there is Internet in the house (visit Google on a web browser connected to the local WiFi and search for something).
  • Check that the Ethernet cables are plugged in.
  • Reboot if it isn’t working.
A radiator isn’t heating

This can be solved in a number of ways:

  • First check that the batteries are not flat and you can see the icons on the screen of the valve.
  • If the valve is showing E5 this means it has lost communication with the hub and it needs to be woken up to re-gain communication.
  • To wake the valve up you will need to take a battery out of the valve and hold a button on the valve for 3 seconds, put the battery back in and the valve should read 21. It should then reconnect to the system.

This communication trouble may have been caused if a smart plug near the valve has become unplugged or the Genius Hub has been turned off.

My boiler did not come on

If your boiler isn’t coming on even though you have called for heat, here are some steps you can follow.

  • Check that the boiler controller has a green light on it.
  • If the green light is on the boiler controller the Genius Home system is calling for heat.
  • If the green light is on, but the boiler still isn’t coming on you may need to reset your boiler or call your plumber.
Can I control underfloor heating with Genius Home?

Yes, you can control each zone of your underfloor with Genius Home. Using room sensors to give you a temperature reading the Genius Hub knows when to warm up your zones, and to what temperature. Room sensors are wireless and no new wiring needs to be done through your house as long as you have power at your manifold.

What is a whole house thermostat?

The temperature measured by the House Thermostat is used to determine whether the boiler should come on for each of the rooms with a wireless valve. If the measured House Thermostat temperature is below the ‘Set’ temperature in any zone, then the boiler will switch on and the relevant target temperature will be sent to the radiator valve

The purpose of the House Thermostat is to ensure that the boiler only fires when the house is cold enough. The House Thermostat should therefore be located in the coldest room of the house. Thus, in the summer time, when the overall temperature of the house is sufficiently warm, the boiler will not fire at all.

The House Thermostat can be used to manually override the rooms that are in timer or footprint mode. The duration of the override is set by you on the app on the settings page for the ‘Whole House’. This is done by turning the dial on the stat to the desired temperature.

What is footprint mode?

By using the rooms sensors, the Genius Home system learns when the room is used and uses this info to predict when to next heat the room. This also works on a 7-day schedule, so it will heat those days when you are at work differently to those you spend in front of the TV. By predicting when the room is used. Genius Home will call on the boiler and open the radiator valves to heat the room up for when you normally start to use it. When you no longer normally use the room, the heating will shut off in this room, saving you energy.

To learn more about footprint mode click here

Is there a support email for when i need help?

Yes, for help on any Genius Home related issues send a email to

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