Multi-Zone Control of electrical components

Genius Home electrical controls now allow you to have multi-zone thermostatic control over electric panel heaters and electric underfloor, as well as any wet heating system. Genius Home can make any heating system a smart heating system.

Electric Heating

Electricity as a heat source can be very costly for your home and business. Often the cost of your bill is increased by heating being left on due to not having timers on and manual setting of individual radiators.  Another issues is a lack of accurate thermostatic control.

This can all be avoided with Genius Home. Installing Genius Home allows you to centrally control your heating through the Genius Home app on your phone, tablet or PC. Genius Home gives you thermostatic control over your heating which allows you to heat the rooms you want, when you want them. Genius Home will save you Time, Energy and Money.

Genius Home can be used in many applications and is perfect for offices, houses, apartments,  sports club, and any building that uses electric heating systems. Genius Home allows you to save money in your home or business.

Types of Electric Heating Genius Home can control

  • IR Panels
  • Panel Heaters
  • Oil-filled radiators
  • Conventional wet radiator, converted to have an electric heating element
  • Portable electric fan heater
  • Plinth heater


Genius Home has four modes;

  • Off
  • Timer
  • Footprint
  • Override mode

Off mode

This mode is for when you don’t want a room to heat up, when in off mode this room can’t call for the boiler to heat the room. Frost protection is set by default to make sure that no frozen pipes or other damage occurs.

Timer mode

In this mode you can set up your 7-day schedule including start time, end time and temperatures which can be left running continuously for as long as you please. Every room and day can be completely different to suit your schedule and needs.


Don’t want to have to think about your heating when you are at home? Then Footprint mode is for you!

Footprint mode can be set up in three different modes;

  • Super-Eco – The heating will only come on in a room if it is currently being used. This saves the most energy, but rooms will feel cold when you first walk into them. The Genius Hub will be reactive and will not bring the heating on before you get home.
  • Eco – This is the standard Footprint setting, which learns when you use your rooms and heats these up at expected times so the room is warm for when you use it.
  • Comfort – This is where Genius Home will learn when you use rooms and if there are short periods of time when you are not in the room, the heating will stay on until it is sure that the room is no longer in use. This saves the least amount of energy but will be the most comfortable.


For those times when life doesn’t go to plan, there is Override. This mode allows you to set a short term temperature which boosts the room you want. So if you are arriving home earlier than usual, this can be set up before you drive back or if you just want more heat on a chilly evening a boost may be just what you need.

Multi-zone Heating.
  • A 2,500 sq. foot villa built in 1870 and converted to a Guesthouse in 2005. The proprietor of this Guesthouse wanted to keep the original cast iron radiators but the existing heating system controls were unreliable and the house was either too hot or too cold. The THZ system allowed her to keep the original radiators but provided her with total control over her heating system. Because the Guesthouse has been split in to 3 separate suites over 3 floors this allowed the owner to control each suite independently of each other giving her total control and providing controlled heat to the whole building.

    THZ – Guesthouse, Montmorency, France Radeco Client
  • The THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System was fitted to this nursing home in 2009. This nursing home has an occupancy of 60 people between the ages of 75 and 80. The system was installed and a saving of 30% was made on the home’s heating bills (gas) in the first year. This figure has been verified by GDF (Gaz de France – French national energy provider) who had actually advised the nuns that run the nursing home to install the THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System. The payback on this system was less than 2 years.

    THZ – Nursing Home, Saumur, France Radeco Client
  • The Radeco Heating Controls has allowed me to accurately control the heating system within the Nursing Home. Each room can be heated to suit the requirements of my residents, and I can adjust the settings for each zone from the laptop. The Radeco Wireless Heating Controls have reduced the heating bills in the Nursing Home by a minimum of 35% compared to the heating bills from the previous year. The installation was fast, clean and no disruption was caused to the running of the home during the installation. As a result I have also installed the Radeco system in my own home and I would highly recommend this system to anybody who wishes to reduce their annual fuel bills.

    Gordon Glynn – Kiltormer Nursing Home, Co. Galway Radeco Client

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