Zoned Heating

Genius Home gives you real control over your heating by only heating the rooms you want, when you want, allowing you to save Money, Energy and Time.

  • Work at home during the day?
  • Watch TV in the lounge?
  • Children gone to college?

If you’re not using every room then why heat your entire home? It’s a waste of money and energy. Genius Home allows you to heat each room separately. You can turn off the sitting room, the upstairs or certain bedrooms, saving you energy. You can set up each room to only warm up to a comfortable temperature when you’re actually going to use it.

Heating types

Genius Home is unique in than it can work with any type of heating system such as

  • wet radiators
  • wet underfloor
  • electric space heaters
  • electric underfloor heating

It can be set up to control a combination of these systems together. Genius Home can control the immersion heater as part of the system. Genius Home smart plugs can be set up around the house and used to control electrical appliances in the house. Genius Home works with almost any ‘wet system’ including heat pumps, gas, oil or biomass boilers.

Multi-zone Heating.

Genius Home Features

Genius Home has four modes;

  • Off
  • Timer
  • Footprint
  • Override mode

Off mode

This mode is for when you don’t want a room to heat up, when in off mode this room can’t call for the boiler to heat the room. Frost protection is set by default to make sure that no frozen pipes or other damage occurs.

Timer mode

In this mode you can set up your 7-day schedule including start time, end time and temperatures which can be left running continuously for as long as you please. Every room and day can be completely different to suit your schedule and needs.


Don’t want to have to think about your heating when you are at home? Then Footprint mode is for you!

Footprint mode can be set up in three different modes;

  • Super-Eco – The heating will only come on in a room if it is currently being used. This saves the most energy, but rooms will feel cold when you first walk into them. The Genius Hub will be reactive and will not bring the heating on before you get home.
  • Eco – This is the standard Footprint setting, which learns when you use your rooms and heats these up at expected times so the room is warm for when you use it.
  • Comfort – This is where Genius Home will learn when you use rooms and if there are short periods of time when you are not in the room, the heating will stay on until it is sure that the room is no longer in use. This saves the least amount of energy but will be the most comfortable.


For those times when life doesn’t go to plan, there is Override. This mode allows you to set a short term temperature which boosts the room you want. So if you are arriving home earlier than usual, this can be set up before you drive back or if you just want more heat on a chilly evening a boost may be just what you need.

Domestic Solution
  • We are an average family of two adults and two children living in a 4 bedroomed house with converted attic. We were concerned about our ever-increasing heating costs and after some research we decided to have the Radeco Home System installed. We now have 20 zones including a separate zone for the hot water. Installation was completed in a day, clean and professional with no mess. We have the system in 4 winter months now, we have great comfort and we are saving 40% on our heating bill. With the Radeco Phone App, it’s so easy to control the heating. I would highly recommend the Radeco system. Download a graph showing Brendan’s savings by using the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System

    B. Corcoran, Residence, Co. Kildare Radeco Client
  • A 2,500 sq. foot villa built in 1870 and converted to a Guesthouse in 2005. The proprietor of this Guesthouse wanted to keep the original cast iron radiators but the existing heating system controls were unreliable and the house was either too hot or too cold. The THZ system allowed her to keep the original radiators but provided her with total control over her heating system. Because the Guesthouse has been split in to 3 separate suites over 3 floors this allowed the owner to control each suite independently of each other giving her total control and providing controlled heat to the whole building.

    THZ – Guesthouse, Montmorency, France Radeco Client
  • This house in Donegal was fitted with the Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System including 14 HD radiator actuators, domestic hot water controls and GSM controls for remote access to the multi-zone system. “I was the first installation in Ireland of the Radeco System and I’m more than delighted to recommend this product. It was installed October 2011 and since then the system has changed the efficiency of my heating with average savings of 42%. The boost function is superb and my wife uses the holiday mode when she leaves the house. I would highly recommended the Radeco Multi-Zone System to anyone wishing to save money on their heating and to gain comfort in their home.”

    Cathal McGee – Residence, Co. Donegal Radeco Client

The benefits to your home

Genius Home is a smart and innovative multi zone heating control system that give you 100% control off your heating bill and is capable of reducing your heating bills by up to or more than 30%, depending on usage. Payback on the system can be achieved in as little as 2 years. Installing the Genius Home system is quick, clean and easy, with no drilling, no wires, just a simple and clean installation. All installations can be completed within a day. After installation our call centre, located in Galway will deal with any query’s you have with no added cost.

For more information, please download the following pdf’s on efficient heating in the home:

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