Multi-zone Control System – What Can It Do For Your Building’s Heating?

When it comes to running a business, heating is one of the highest overheads with the cost of heating being as much as 48% of overheads in most cases. The average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes because of inefficient usage and insufficient monitoring. Consequently, controlling heating costs in many commercial premises often become a burden on those who own or occupy them.

So why suffer with such high heating bills when you can do something about it?

The Radeco THZ Commercial Heating Control System is the ideal way to ensure any building maximizes energy usage and keeps costs to a minimum. Efficient distribution of heat is as important as efficient heat generation. This is why the multi-zone system exists .

  • Heating when you want it, where you want it
  • No more unnecessary heating of unoccupied rooms
  • Each zone can have its’ own time and temperature settings
  • Provide comfortable temperatures for all guests
  • Each zone’s settings can be changed centrally on the THZ software

Benefit to your Business

Large buildings such as hotels, nursing homes and schools should provide different levels of heating in different zones depending on use patterns and activities. This will provide the appropriate comfort levels for your guests and employees while also giving your business smart energy savings. Reducing the temperature in your building by even 1°C can save your business up to 10% on its’ heating costs. A more efficient building will improve your bottom line.

Triple E

The THZ multi zone heating control system is on the Triple E register which is a searchable listing of energy efficient equipment. Being on the Triple E register allows you take advantage of the ACA (Accelerated capital allowance) which is a tax incentive that aims to encourage companies to invest in energy saving technology.The ACA allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the year of purchase.

  • A 2,500 sq. foot villa built in 1870 and converted to a Guesthouse in 2005. The proprietor of this Guesthouse wanted to keep the original cast iron radiators but the existing heating system controls were unreliable and the house was either too hot or too cold. The THZ system allowed her to keep the original radiators but provided her with total control over her heating system. Because the Guesthouse has been split in to 3 separate suites over 3 floors this allowed the owner to control each suite independently of each other giving her total control and providing controlled heat to the whole building.

    THZ – Guesthouse, Montmorency, France Radeco Client
  • The THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System was fitted to this nursing home in 2009. This nursing home has an occupancy of 60 people between the ages of 75 and 80. The system was installed and a saving of 30% was made on the home’s heating bills (gas) in the first year. This figure has been verified by GDF (Gaz de France – French national energy provider) who had actually advised the nuns that run the nursing home to install the THZ Multi-Zone Heating Control System. The payback on this system was less than 2 years.

    THZ – Nursing Home, Saumur, France Radeco Client
  • The Radeco Heating Controls has allowed me to accurately control the heating system within the Nursing Home. Each room can be heated to suit the requirements of my residents, and I can adjust the settings for each zone from the laptop. The Radeco Wireless Heating Controls have reduced the heating bills in the Nursing Home by a minimum of 35% compared to the heating bills from the previous year. The installation was fast, clean and no disruption was caused to the running of the home during the installation. As a result I have also installed the Radeco system in my own home and I would highly recommend this system to anybody who wishes to reduce their annual fuel bills.

    Gordon Glynn – Kiltormer Nursing Home, Co. Galway Radeco Client

Hot Water Control

The THZ system’s anti legionella ensures that all legionella bacteria is killed off from the domestic hot water system. The software calls for the water to automatically be heated to 70° C to kill all dangerous bacteria in the water and ensure clean and healthy domestic hot water daily.

Multi-zone Heating Controls take the temperature in each zone individually and adjust each one to maintain its’ own appropriate settings. This allows for differing occupancy patterns and ensures no over or under heating of zones occurs. It also provides further heat cost savings as it prevents further oscillations above the set point temperature which would waste energy and cost your business money.

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Some of the sectors we work with are CommercialResidentialHealthcare and Hospitality. Some of the most notable projects within these sectors are Abbeyleix Manor Hotel and Cuan Mhuire Healthcare facilities.

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