Radeco Energy Solutions is an advanced thermal efficiency company offering the very latest in heating control and thermal energy technology to the domestic and commercial sectors in Ireland and the UK. We are a progressive company determined to research, develop and source the highest quality heating control systems in order to improve heating efficiency, make significant cost savings for home and business owners, reduce carbon emissions and help customers do their part to help save the environment.

At Radeco we believe that every property should maximise its potential for heating control to reduce the level of energy it uses, saving the owner money and making it a more eco-friendly building.

About Us

Our Value Proposition

Here at Radeco we are committed to providing the Irish and UK domestic and commercial sectors with the highest quality heating control products to help everyone save more money on their heating bills, reduce their carbon footprint and encourage a more responsible approach to energy usage and promote a healthier and eco-friendly society.

We believe in:

  • Providing the best quality products the thermal technology industry has to offer
  • Providing the highest levels of service to our customers
  • An innovative and creative approach to our industry, products we supply and the services we offer
  • Educating our customers on using energy responsibly and promoting a healthy environment
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and development of our industry through growth of our business
  • Maintaining our status as leaders in our industry

Our Goals

  • To be continuously aware of our customers’ needs and provide them with the cutting edge heating products which allow them to heat their homes or commercial premises in the most economic and environmentally friendly way.
  • To build and source quality products, designed, tried and tested to the very best standards.
  • To provide the highest level of support to customers through both online and offline.
  • To educate customers in the use of our products enabling them to regulate their home or business energy usage.
  • To continually improve on process and product design, build efficiency, cost control and lead-times so that the product is affordable, accessible and effective.
  • To grow as a company, increasing our customer base through new marketing channels and communication channels.
  • To train, equip and support our employees & installers, so that they can deliver the highest levels of service to our customers.
  • To expand our product range to include all areas of heat and energy efficiency and cost saving technology.
  • To help educate our customers on the financial and ecological benefits of Multi-Zone heating controls.
  • To strive to lower our customers’ carbon footprint and environmental impact, and to be responsible for our business endeavours in a social, ecological and economical manner.

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