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New App Update

Radeco are happy to announce that in the coming weeks there will be a new and improved Heat Genius App released that will be available to all current customers free of charge.

If the app doesn’t automatically update on your device you can update it yourself via the App Store if you’re using a Apple device or via the Play Store if you’re using a Android device.

New Design

Heat Genius have made steps based on customer’s feedback, the newly redesigned app has a fresher look and a more user-friendly interface. The new look as been made to Material Design & iOS guidelines, to give a cleaner and more user-friendly interface. Gone are the pages of solid blue and orange, with the new app using a clean white background allowing for the important features (such as temperatures) to be highlighted by their respective tones.

 Sub-menus for each page

To make the app easier to navigate and look at options and features relevant to the zone you are currently viewing, a new sub-menu has been created.

This contains the zone’s charts, setup page and common operations. This also allows us to keep the zone summary page cleaner, whilst keeping just the heating details you use most often easy to access. This submenu is context sensitive, so will only contain the relevant options for the type of room or mode you are currently in.

 Adding heating period

We’ve also listened to your feedback, that controlling your heating to 1C and 15 minutes isn’t always accurate enough, so these new selectors allow for 0.5ºC intervals and 5 minutes respectively.

Whilst the old drop-down selectors for time and temperature worked, they weren’t very pleasing on the eye and you often had to repeatedly drag the screen to move a long way. Now we have new, graphical selectors, designed for temperature and time selection respectively.

Pages for individual days

Previously, when you changed the day and selected the timer periods it changed at the bottom of the screen which wasn’t very intuitive.

Now when you select on a day in Timer Mode, just the information on that day is displayed. This makes it much clearer what you are editing and works better for users who most often use phones over the desktops and tablets.


We hope you enjoy the new and improved app as much as we do! Check out our website and follow us on Facebook for our latest news and updates.

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