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Save money on your water heating this summer

With your home energy bills being so expensive and the warm summer months upon us have you ever wondered whether it was cheaper to heat your hot water cylinder with your immersion heater or your oil/gas boiler? Well wonder no more.

Everyone needs hot water and for most families heating your cylinder twice a day would be normal. Showers, washing dishes, washing children, hot water is always in demand. Here is how much it costs to heat an average sized hot water cylinder using different fuel sources twice a day over the summer months;

  • Oil – €85.68
  • Gas – €91.80
  • Electricity – €250.92

That’s right, you could save up to €165 in 5 months by switching off the immersion and using your boiler instead. That is a lot of 99’s!

So if you’d like to save on your energy bill this summer without spending a penny, just stay away from that immersion. It looks like our mammies were right about leaving the immersion on all along.

Depending on your heating system, here’s how;

  1. If your house is already zoned, just heat your hot water alone.
  2. If not, you could turn off all radiators so that hot water only goes to your cylinder.
  3. Call Radeco to find out how we can zone your home with no wiring or re-piping.

PDF download of calculations on Electricity Vs Gas Vs Oil

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